Dynamic vs. Static IP Addresses

We are currently in the process of switching web hosting companies, and the top one on our list only offers dynamic IP addresses. I've been having trouble finding out clear information on static vs. dynamic, and the benefits and problems that each comes with. Why would I want one type and not the other? Are there situations in which one would be more beneficial? If I remember correctly, static are more desired, but if you can only get dynamic, when will this be a problem? Thanks,
-Sean Mario
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jmohanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunately, global IP address space is finite and has begun to be rapidly depleted. In an effort to slow this depletion, the authority for assignment of IP addresses has defined IP address allocation policies which prevent ISP from assigning static IP addresses to individual dialup subscribers. This is a long term policy to counteract the problem of IP address space depletion. Dynamically assigned IP addresses are now the nationwide norm. Most software applications which relied upon a static IP address have released versions which are no longer dependent upon knowing a static IP address.

There are several good work arounds for most of the few remaining reasons for needing a static IP. The work arounds are based on the concept of automatically 'publishing' your currently assigned IP address to a web page. This can be used to provide the public with your current dynamic IP address. There are programs which automate this process and these are available from various software download collections.

For more info. check some site like
(IP Address Management White Paper written by Dave Kosiur)

Static addresses are needed if your machines are providing services - so that people know where to access those services.
If your machines do not provide services, then dynamic addresses will be fine.
smarioAuthor Commented:
What types of services? The main service of this particular site is message board use; the rest is content.
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