how do I use Wine?

Ok, on my Deluxe Linux OS 6.5 box it says that it has Wine (the software that allows you to run more Windows applications directly under Linux) I tried to use it: I typed at the terminal emulation thing:


and it says that it's not an executable.  How do I use Wine? Does it work?
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surfingalongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you are using KDE, navigate your dos file system, should be dev_hdc1 msdos go to the file you want to open, now right click on it and push "open with" in the text field you get in the next window type in "wine" push enter, if it loads it is compatable with wine, I can get a few games working on my linux system similar to that type. If you arn't using KDE, I assume you could do it with GNOME or any other file system.
From what I gathered Wine is still far from working

Try VMware, VMware is impressive,
and would let you run Windows from inside linux- whole
Windows appears just as an X-windows application.
Which directory is the wine executable in? If you know where it is type the whole path i.e. : /usr/bin/executablename tomb.exe. What's probably happening is that the path of the wine executable is not defined as one of your path, so the shell doesn't know where to execute it from. If you're in the directory that the executable is in you may need to use the syntax ./wine tomb.exe to tell it to run from the current directory.
I agree with v_likic however that wine is still primitive and has only been tested with primitive apps, you probably won't be able to run Tombraider on it.
jomysterAuthor Commented:
Yeah that's great advice, Now I can use it, but I'm pretty limited. I'll follow v_likic advice and get Vmware.
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