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This is an attempt to get both you and Madshi points for helping answer my question.

How can I dynamically map a drive to a Network Server in Delphi 3 without requiring multiple calls to a Batch file containing the Net Use M: command?

I am writing a program that has to retrieve data from a database that resides locally on 46 Network Servers.  The database is located in the same folder and has an identical name on each of the 46 Network Servers.  I kind of know how to solve this problem with the Batch file approach but would rather avoid pulling a DOS/Command window up 46 times each time the program is run.

Thanks again for your help.
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Have this....

function MapNetworkDrive(RemoteName, LocalName: String): Integer;
  NewMap : NetResource;
  NewMap.lpRemoteName:=PAnsiChar(RemoteName); // Path to dir to map.
  NewMap.lpLocalName:=PAnsiChar(LocalName);  // Drive letter to use.
  Result:=WNetAddConnection(PChar(RemoteName), nil, PChar(LocalName));

Maps a network drive.

Have fun,

Use the netconn component available from Delphi Super Page or give me you r eamil address & I'll send it to you. While Madshi (& others) have suggested using WNetConnection calls, this component is as easy as just setting the properties, and making the connection.

Good luck,


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blakecAuthor Commented:
Hey Nigel,

I tried using the NetConn component but couldn't get it to install.  I'm using D3 for this project and am not sure I have all the patches for it.

Email me @ or

Thanks for your help Nigel!!!

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