Existing Password and Database Freeware?

Where can I find freeware that works with Frontpage 2000 that will do the following, after a customer has signed up for my on-line service; 1)assign him a password or allow him to assign himself one 2) and to store his personal information, password, and date of sign-up in a database 3) either have the password expire after a years time or automatically renew his account?
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If your server / ISP supports ASP, then you can add all the code required yourself.  This is how I would do it:
1. Create an Access database to contain the personal information, logon and password information.  Initially this will be empty, or contain only your own test entries.  The Access database is stored within the web, say in _private.
2. Create an initial signup page for new users.  This is a form which collects information and passes it to an asp page which in turn will add the entry to the database and do whatever other checks you require.
3. Create a logon page for already registered users. This is also just a form to collect input information such as logon id and password, and then pass it to an asp page which checks that the database entry exists.
4. This technique works by creating a session between the server and the user.  It is maintained by temporary session cookies which are normally invisible to the user, but it will not work if the user disables cookies.
5. In order to protect each page you need to include a small amount of standard asp code in every page to check that the user has logged on.  If not, then the user is passed to a standard access violation page.
You will find all of the code you need at www.activeserverpages.com.

- The security code can be found at http://www.activeserverpages.com/learn/security.asp.  You will have to modify it for your particular needs.
- Code to access the database is given at http://www.activeserverpages.com/learn/dbopen.asp and the following pages.

Good luck!

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