Compaq Presario drivers...

Dear experts.

I recently installed windows 98 on my Compaq Presario 1275 notebook computer and found out i dont have the display adapter drivers for it.

If you have it and can email it to me, please do: (my email address is)

or else please give me an advice where can i get them?

thank allot and bye bye.
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Need to know the what kinda video chipset you have.  Does windows detect the card?  Does it give a description of the card?  Write that down and gibba us da details.
OK, the video on this is a NeoMagic 128XD.  That took me a little while to find out from Compaq.  Unfortunately, there are not drivers for it available from Compaq or Neomagic.  However, after a little more searching;
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oldgreyguy, I searched that site for 15 minutes looking for the right drivers.  I could barely find where they tell you it's a neomagic video chip.   Could you give an exact url for where you found them there?

asaflahv1, did the link I gave work for you?
You may be very disappointed but you may have to resort to a restore disk in order to get the correct driver, when the OEM uses a chipset (such as video) then they change it so that a regular driver from the chipset manufactor may not work right. Compaq is really bad about this, so if the driver is not available from them in a soft-paq then there is two ways to get the correct one:
1 use a restore disk which will load the correct driver
2 get someone with the exact model to send you a copy of the driver
Quick question?
Before you installed Windows98 did you format the HD?
If not then just point it the Windows\System folder for the driver, unless you formatted the HD or deleted the driver file then it will still be located there.
The chip used here is a standard used in MANY manufactured laptops.  From what I can tell the link I provided is for that specofoc chip though Rayt333 could be right.  The only way to know is to try.
asaflahv1, tell us if they work so we can know wether to look elsewhere.

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asaflahv1Author Commented:
thanks guys.
thank you very much 1cell... i'll try what you suggested and tell you whether it went ok.

Thank you all.
asaflahv1Author Commented:
the download you pointed me too worked GREAT.

Thank you very much.
very glad I could help and though I'm familiar with what rayt333 was talking about, I'm glad it didn't turn out more difficult.  
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