LILO problems

I now got the RedHat Installed, but the machine will not start without the boot disk, it says it has a error with the LILO.
Does somebody know how to fix this problem.
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bernardhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Boot your PC with the floppy boot disk. Then, at the boot prompt, type: vmlinuz root=/dev/hda5 or whatever your Linux
root partition is).

This should boot you to the Linux installation. Then check your /etc/lilo.conf file to make sure it's okay. Here's an

 root=/dev/hda5 (or whatever your root directory is)

Then run /sbin/lilo -v at the prompt, and then type
shutdown -r now to reboot your system.
This should install LILO to your MBR properly and allow you to boot without using a floppy boot disk.
mikaelc21Author Commented:
Thanks a Million
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