Propertysheet wizard -- not accepting data from 3rd dialog window

I've got an MFC app with a property sheet that contains 3 dialog boxes.  I invoke it through addWizard.DoModal().  I after the wizard closes I get data from the 1st 2 dialogs, but the 3rd seems to be just the initialized values.  

I don't have any overrides on domodal or anything fancy going on.  Any hints?
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kmurphy99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I had the same problem a while back.  I'm not sure on the reason why, but if you add an extra dialog that basically says "You're done...." your previous data should be present.

knewton76Author Commented:
You were almost right.  Adding an UpdateDate(true) solved the problem.  Putting up the messagebox causes the views to update, thereby getting the same effect.
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