How to setup MAPI profile for SQL mail?

I want to use SQL server 7.0 to send emails out. However, when I go to "Server Group->Local Server->Support Services->SQL Mail" and click the "properties" of SQL mail, I was required to input an "Valid MAPI profile name" for SQL mail. I have no idea how to build a MAPI profile. Could you please let me know how to do that?

Thank you very much!
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evertdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes... go to configuration panel and then something like "Mail"
here you have a button like "Show profiles" you can see shich profiles are used or you can make an profile.

If you are using Exchange as your Mail Server, then do log on and log off to the machine with username and password of the account that SQL-Server would send mails from ( probably sqlservice).

This action would create a MAPI profile for that account.

Then you can use enterprise manager to specify to use the profile for SQL-Mail.

Where can I find configuration panel?

Instead of Exchange-Server can I use any other mail client for sending the mails through SQL-Server.
If yes How do I?
Here you can find very detail description how to create MAPI profile and configure SQL MAIL: 

It really has helped me almost two years ago.

Look also at here:
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