Cannon BJ-100

No ink's coming from print head.  Performed change of cartridge and print-head cleaner routine as prescribed in owner's manual.  What's else can I do?
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sjsmads1230expertAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Have you tried another cartridge?

Is the ink genuine or 3rd party?  You will probably have heaps of dramas with refills coz Canon don't sell their ink to anyone else.

If you hold the cart the right way up and with the head away from you try blowing (fairly hard) into the air vent on the back left side.  HOLD A TISSUE OR SOMETHING OVER THE HEAD WHILE YOU DO THIS !!!!!  Did you get any ink out??

Does the cartridge print at all?

Try the above by all means, but if you're using REAL ink the cartridge is probably knackered.  Try a new one.
Canon will probably replace the cartridge if it is fairly new and still contains a reasonable amount of ink, but beware there are tests used to check ink.

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sjsmads1230expertAuthor Commented:
BIG Mark:
Thanks for your through review.  I am using Cannon ink.  I did not try blowing through the cartridge to look for obstructions.
   There was the existing cartridge that failed.  Then I tried a brand new, out-of-the box, cartridge.  Neigher did anything, nor as I said above did I try blowing to test for an obstruction in the cartridges.
  I'd guess that since both cartridges failed to print, perhaps the situation is not ink but something else.  What do you think?  S Smith
About the only other thing I can think of that would stop ALL the nozzles printing is the driver transistor array on the main board.  If that is faulty you're toast - a new board is more expensive than a new printer.
Go on, give the blow test a try -  sometimes the cartridges will not prime without several cleans, but the good old blow test should get ink flowing if it is ever going to....
What country are you in?  Do you have a local Canon service agent that could test the boards etc for you??

Give it heaps

sjsmads1230expertAuthor Commented:
Big Mark,
     Thanks for the advice.  I've tried the blow test on both carts.  You'd think something wonderful would happen by now.
   For the price of hardware, I think I'll get a fax/printer/etc.
    My horiscope today says that anger punishes itself, so I am taking that into consideration too.  S Smith
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