Im writing a Java Application and I wanted to create a Package so since the name of my main class is called Messenger I called the Package MessengerPack.  I created a directory called MessengerPack and put my files (2 of them) inside of the directory.  

At the top of both files I put...

package MessengerPack;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

I setup my Classpath to include the Java run time interpreter's directory and the folder that contains my MessengerPack folder.

So d:\studio\myprojects\MessengerPack
set ClassPath=d:\studio\myprojects

Everything compiles OK but when I run my application the Interpeter cannot find the Messenger class.

I can't seem to figure out why it wont find it.  I tried running the program from inside the MessengerPack folder with no luck.  I get the exception...

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Messenger
Exception in thread "main" Exit code: 1
There were errors

If anyone knows what I missed I could use the help.  Im using jdk 1.2.2
Could it be that Im using the wrong path to the JRE?


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are u using
java MessengerPack.Messenger
Try 1:
      Go to the directory holding the
     Eg.  d:\studio\myprojects
      Execute the application,
  java MessengerPack.Messenger.

Try 2:
       Please recheck the classpath


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dmaroffAuthor Commented:
Vichu, what would I need to put in the classpath so I can just type:

java Messenger
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there's no way...
Messenger is part of the package MessengerPack that's y u need to invoke the class like that...
u could remove Messenger from MessengerPack...
lychee's comment is correct.We have to
execute the application like that only
because the class Messenger is a part of
the MessengerPack package.If you still
want to execute your application like
java Messenger, remove the Messenger class from the package by removing the
"package Messenger;" in your code.
I think, the above will solve your problem.

dmaroffAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I upped the points to to 150 cause you've been a big help.  I just have 2 last questions, if you don't mind.  

In C++ I can have seperate .c files and compile them together into 1 executable.  I want to have the same in my java program, but the only way I know how is through making a package and putting all the files in the package.  Every class that I made has its own file and at the top of it has the "package MessengerPack", is this the correct way to go about this?  I might end up with 6 different classes, but I don't want 1 huge file.  Thats the only reason I used a package in the first place.  

Also if I want to distribute my program, does the person's classpath variable have to be set like mine, and would it be any easier to just package all the class files into a .jar file so it would execute like one big executable?

Thanks for all your help,
the idea of packages is to eliminate class name conflicts (where 2 classes have the same name) and also for a logical grouping of classes... as for putting the files into 1 file, u'd have to use a jar file... for distribution, u should use a jar file, since data compression is used and so it'll be smaller... then for ur clients to use ur program, if they use:

java 1.1:
jre -cp xxxxx.jar Messenger
(if u pulled Messenger into the default package; otherwise it'll still be MessengerPack.Messenger)

java 2:
java -jar xxxxx.jar

u should include a manifest file in ur jar file that includes the line:

Main-Class: Messenger

and ur jar file should contain the same directory structure as ur current development directory, as in u should have a MessengerPack directory in the jar file that contains the classes that belong to the package MessengerPack...
dmaroffAuthor Commented:
But what if the classes have different names so there are no name conflics, do I still need a package?  If not how would I get one file to 'see' the next?  Also is there a good book or web site that explains all of this housekeeping?  It seems now that Java has a lot more housekeeping than C++.
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