Trouble with MS Intellimouse

Has anyone gotten XF86 to work with MS Intellimouse?  Setting up RH6.1 I selected the correct "driver" for the mouse (PS2) but the pointer moves erratically on the screen...


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biardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes.  You need to run XF86config again, and just use the PS2 mouse driver instead.  This is if the mouse jumps to the left all of the time.  This is the solution I found.  It unfortunately does not allow the scroll to work.
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it works fine in my system, scrolls and everything, there is hope. Some programs do not support the scroll function, but they do everything else fine.
liericAuthor Commented:
Thank you both Biard and legacy for being so helpful!
I'll try the solutions suggested!

There are quite a few instances that I've run across in which a user could not simply use the xconfig to setup this mouse.  It seems that there are a few problems that have arisen since the release of Redhat 6.1, in that even if you pick PS/2 PS/2 w/3 button emulation or the "Intelli-Mouse" driver from the setup, you will have mouse paging and curser problems in your X Managers (Gnome, KDE, Afterstep etc).  I haven't tried the Kernel Update yet, but we'll see
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