Viewing Calculated Member in Excel Sheete

How can i veiw the calculated member in an excel sheet
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Jon_RaymondConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would think you need something besides SQL Server which is basically just a data store.  You need VB or some program to connect to excel and manipulate the excel application objects.
neelaAuthor Commented:
Answer Was Very Good. Can we program pivot tables provided by Excel
Basically, anything that you can do in excel can be programmed.  If you create an Excel VBA module in Excel and program from there you will see what and how to program excel objects.  Just use the Excel VBA help to find what you need.  Then when you've got something that works you can pretty much use the same code in VB.  In VB you have to add a reference to the Excel library.  Once you have that reference you can use the Excel.application object and all of its properties and methods which are the same properties and methods that you used in Excel VBA.
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