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Does Outlook 2000 have the option of deleting unwanted mail directly off server and if so how?
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Tools | Rules Wizard | New |

Move messages based on content, set rules, set move to deleted items.

Play a bit with it, only it's hard to make rules that will delete all spam, be carefull you don't make rules that also delete 'normal' e-mail containing certain words.

There are no delete from server (without download) actions in Outlook 2000's Rules Wizard. All of Outlook's actions operate after download..
It somewhat depends on the reason for what you are trying to do.  You can of course configure Outlook to delete all mail from the server upon retrieval.  There is no way to "delete and not retrieve."  However, if there is then some subgroup of messages (say, all those from you just plain do not want to have read, configure the Rules Wizard to, upon arrival, delete any message fitting that criteria.  Thus, from your point of view of "dealing" with the email, it appears that it simply never showed up, and does not remain on the server either.  Be very careful how you configure the rules wizard to delete upon arrival - you could unintentionaly miss other emails that you may want to see in future!

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