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I am using ADO OLE DB connection for getting connected to AS/400.  I hav Client accessV3R2M0 + SF57002service pack. I used datagrid (Ole db 6) basic VB control.  But I am not able to fill the columns of datagrid with Numeric fields in my DB2 database table. All Numeric fields appear as 0. Can anyone help me?  Also when i use "Select * from table" it is taking too much time but when I use "Select empcode,empname,bdate(i.e.all fields) the data retrieval is faster. Why?
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vikkyvAuthor Commented:
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As I remember you should pool the numbers as strings from the AS/400 and then convert them back to numbers on the PC .
About the SELECT command - it's allways take more time if you use the "*" you can see that if you have SQL analizer .

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vikkyvAuthor Commented:
We have Query analyser.  When I run the same sql statement i.e. "Select * from.." on As/400 (interactive sql) data is retrieved very fast.  I experimented with the same table located on SQL server and I used the same grid The retrieval is very fast.  Thanks for the answer
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