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Posted on 2000-01-06
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Using a db, I need to add a varable number of days to a date field to come up with an expire date. example - adding 30 days to 1/1/2000 would reslut in 1/31/2000. I am new to Delpi3, can you help? An example would be very helpful..
My db fields are
  VD1 = Varable date as an Integer
  CD1 = Current date as a date field
  ExP = Expire date as a date field
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It depends a little bit on how you are using the data.  If you are using a TQuery, I would recommend using SQL to create an additional field.

For example in MSSQL, you would use the following in your SQL:

  FirstDate = Table1.Date
  , ExpDate = DateAdd(Day, 1, Table1.Date)

If you are using a TTable, it is a bit different. You don't have control over the SQL, making it a bit more difficult.  Probably the best bet would be a calculated field.  A calculated field is one that appears to be part of the database, except that you are responsible for the calculation.

To create a calculated field, bring up the "fields" dialog of the TTable, and define a field.  Then implement the OnCalcFields Event.  The OnCalcFields Event will pass a dataset.  If you made a calculated field with a name like "ExpDate" in your event handler you would have code such as:

procedure TForm1.Table1CalcFields(Dataset: TDataSet);
  Dataset.FieldByName("ExpDate").AsDate := Dataset.FieldByName("Date1").AsDate + 30;

Remember that TDateTime is simply of type double.  In the above example I added 30 days.

Hope this helps,


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Hi, Mr Gunstar2, try this

// Determine the Beginning of the month
Function BegOfMonth( dDate : TDateTime ) : TDateTime ;
  Y,M,D : Word ;
  DecodeDate(dDate,Y,M,D) ;
  Result := ( dDate - D + 1 ) ;
End ;

// Determine the End of the month
Function EndOfMonth(dDate : TDateTime ) : TDateTime ;
  Y,M,D    : Word ;
  dumpDate : TDateTime ;
  dumpDate := dDate ;
  DecodeDate(dumpDate,Y,M,D) ;
  dumpDate := dDate + 35 - D ;
  DecodeDate(dumpDate,Y,M,D) ;
  Result := dumpDate - D ;
End ;

// Determine the week number of a given
// day in the year
Function WeekOfYear(dDate : TDateTime ) : Word ;
  Y,M,D       : Word ;
  FirstOfYear : TDateTime ;
   DecodeDate(dDate,Y,M,D) ;
   FirstOfYear := EncodeDate(Y,1,1) ;
   Result := Trunc(dDate - FirstOfYear) Div 7 + 1 ;
End ;

// Go to the specified month, forward
// or backward
// Function IncMonth(const Date:
   TDateTime; NumberOfMonths: Integer):
// please have a look at the Help
// [ Delphi 5 ]

procedure TForm1.ShowDateBtnClick(Sender: TObject);
  ExpDate : TDateTime ;
  x : integer ;
  ShortDateFormat := 'dd/mm/yyyy' ;
  DateSeparator      := '-' ;
  ExpDate                := Date ;
  Label1.Caption     := DateToStr
    (BegOfMonth(ExpDate)) ;
  Label2.Caption     := DateToStr
    (EndOfMonth(ExpDate)) ;
  Label3.Caption     := IntToStr
    (WeekOfYear(ExpDate))  ;
  Label4.Caption     := DateToStr
    (IncMonth(ExpDate,5)) ;
end ;

Happy New Year From apin


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Thanks Mat, out of the 2 answers I recived, yours seam to work (with a couple of changes) the best for my application.  I needed to be able to change the interval between the dates as well. By adding a Dataset field in place of the 30 day interval, and a couple of ( ), I was able to accomplish this. The code I ended up with looks something like this:

procedure TForm1.Table1CalcFields(Dataset: TDataSet);
     Dataset.FieldByName('expire').AsDateTime:= (Dataset.FieldByName('current').AsDateTime+(Dataset.FieldByName('interval').asInteger*30));

where Interval could = any number.

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I am happy that I could help.  :)


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