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What is CDI or files with ".cdi" extension?

Could someone tell me what files with ".cdi" extension are about?

I searched the Web and found a company named Commerce Direct International, but was unable to reach the site (www.cdi.net). ".cdi" files are, as far as I know for the moment, used to add some shopping capabiliy to a Web site.

Any pointer is welcome...
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Are you sure these aren't .cgi files?  On a web server, you can specify just about any extension for any file you want to process.  it is common to use.cgi or .pl to process Common Gateway Interrupt and Perl files.  Just as it is common to use .asp to process Active Server Files.  The .shtml extension processes secure files, etc...  You can control these extensions from the server itself.  

I have no idea why you couldn't connect to the site above?  I couldn't either, but it is registered to a company called Commerce Direct International out of Canada.  And would be no corelation to a file with the .cdi extension.

the Common Data Interchange format "CDI"

It seems to be a file type used to convert data from one database format to another.  Here are a couple of URLs


Wow.... old DOS dBase applications... Thought those were history.  :-)

Good dig Chewy.
fontaineAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info!

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