Word 6 & OS9 Print Problem

Since installing OS9 I am unable to print from Word 6. Simpletext and Print Desktop work fine. Any suggestions or experiences that may help?

Subsequent searches show Apple TIL 31133 documents the problem.

I will delete the question in 24 hours. Sorry for a premature posting.
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Hi, Hugh.

Mac OS 9 is a great new operating system, but breaks a lot of older programs. Word 6 wasn't a great program to begin with, and making it work under OS 9 is probably a tough break.

If possible, you should really upgrade to Word 98, available separately or as part of Office 98 Macintosh Edition. It's not cheap, I know.

If you can't upgrade, try one or more of the following steps to get Word 6 printing again:

--In the System Folder: Preferences folder, trash "Word Preferences" or any other pref files that appear to be related to Word. Be careful here; although most pref files from other programs will rebuild themselves, don't trash anything from other programs.

--If you use a laser printer, trash the LaserWriter 8 Prefs file inside the Printing Prefs folder, inside the Preferences folder of the System Folder.

--Turn off Background Printing from the Chooser.

--Reinstall Word 6.

It's been a little while since I've had to use Word 6. I may find more tips for you as time goes on.


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Fat_HughAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Fat_HughAuthor Commented:
Apple TIL 31133 refers
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