Input of numerical data from a file

I am currently writing a program to statistically test data I have done
                         the main body of the program but am having trouble setting up an
                         input so that I can just read from any disk full of numerical data into a
                         Ideally all the data I have will come as doubles seperated in the file by
                         a blank space in between each reading I need the program to take
                         them 51 at a time and place them in a vector so that the stats test
                         can be carried out upon them.
                         I am fairly certain I need to use an IFStream command but am unsure
                         as to how exactly to get precisely the outcome I want.
                         Any advice will be gladly accepted
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Do you want to know how to read from the file or process the numbers after you have read the from file?

Are you using MFC? ( Makes things easier )

to convert strings to a float or double value you can use the function

double atof( const char *string );

Gunnar Valur

MFC isn't relevant for this nor is atof(), this is standard C++.

vector<double> Vec;
fstream Fil("yourfilepath",ios::in);
int Count = 0;


while (!Fil.eof()) //While not at end of file.
    Fil >> Vec[Count++];  // read the number
    if (Count >= 50)  // If 51 values read, then
         // process the data
        Count = 0; // Start over.

// check here if count is not 0.  if not 0, then your data wasn't a multiple of 51 items.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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