top on sun server

im setting up a sun server from scratch
i need to get "top" but am having problems
i selected cc as my c compiler and
after all the questions that i am asked
after running Configure I get

We are done with the questions.
Saving configuration...
Building Makefile...
Building top.local.h...
Building top.1...
Doing a "make clean".
rm -f *.o top core core.* sigdesc.h
To create the executable, type "make".
To install the executable, type "make install".
# make
cc -DHAVE_GETOPT -DORDER    -c top.c -o top.o
/usr/ucb/cc:  language optional software package not installed
make: *** [top.o] Error 1

can anyone help me to get top working?
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The C compiler is not installed - it is an optional extra, there is a script called cc  in /usr/ucb which just prints the message you got.

Your options are:

Get Gcc and use it to compile top.


Get a binary distribution of top and install it.

You can find compiled packages for top and gcc and many other freeware packages at

You will need to download the gzip package first, as the others are compressed.

You can install the packages with pkgadd -d <filename>, (once they are decompressed) gzip is not compressed for obvious reasons.

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i went to
went to sparc/solaris 7 and tried to
get the top-3.5beta9-sol7-sparce-local.gz
i tried to gunzip it and it said that its
not in gunzip format
Check the file with the file command - if it says its english text, try pkgadd -d top-3.5beta9-sol7-sparc-local.gz - this has caugght me out before - I think the web server may unpack the file as it sends it, and the receiving end still saves it with the compressed filename.

If the file command says it is a compressed file, download the gzip package from sunfreeware, install with pkgadd -d gzippackagename, and then try gzip -d top-3.5beta9-sol7-sparc-local.gz
boofullsAuthor Commented:
thanks guys
argo gets the points
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