What Provider to use?

My computer where I'm making the program using VB 6.0, ADO connection is using MS Jet 3.51 provider but the client computer where I should install the program is using the 4.0 version.
Wish one is better?
If 3.51 is better how can I make the installation in the client?
In the 2 PC's I'm using win95.
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halapayaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Which one is better...
Well recomended is to use the latest.. may be microsoft have added aditional functionality, may be have fixed somebugs etc..etc.. so recomended is to move with the latest stuff

But even if u want to code ur 3.51 ADO with the installation u do not have to worry as.. microsoft will take care of keeping the backward compatibiity of their latest ado versions.. so version 4.0 will be backward compatible to ur version unless they specificaly mentioned. That means if u develop ur program with ADO 3.51 and install it on a client machine which have ADO 4.0 it should work without any problem

As for the installation.. if u try to distribute ADO 3.51 if the client machine have version 4.0 files might not be replaced cause they are of a newer version...

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