How to create a DOS boot disk

I'm on an island surrounded by NT4.0 machines. I need to upgrade the firmware on my adaptec card (for example) that requires a DOS boot disk in order to work (the command prompt on NT is not good enough).

How can a I create a DOS boot disk on NT 4.0 ???

Ohh... the island has internet access so that I can download some help. The beaches are also quite nice

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There is no chance with only NT4.


for a free for private use DOS!

At the risk of spoiling the view, I dont think you can produce a DOS boot disk from NT. It isnt DOS based, so... it has no need of a DOS disk, (besides DOS doesnt speak NTFS :))

Dont you have a 95/98 machine about your island? That would do the trick. It wont care a pair of coconuts that its an NT machine, prodviding you dont want to read the Hard disk.

In the meantime enjoy the sun.
There are several utilities that can do this for you ("Winimage " just to name one).

You can also do this manually:
format a disk; copy msdos.sys, io.sys,, autoexec.bat and config.sys on it. As for autoexec and config.sys: be careful what is defined in it: if you have any doubts simply delete the commands in them and only enter "@echo off" in it. (It can NOT BE EMPTY as NT will delete it then)

You should also think about you want to do: If you want to use your cd-rom it's best you have the driver on it. Also the keyb.sys can come in pretty handy (if you dont work with qwerty that is)

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As for bmtech's comment:

you will be able to install from other diskettes if thats what you want to do.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
There's also an option to create a network client floppy built onto the NT CD itself, If this isn't a dos boot floppy (with lanmanager also and some network drivers) then I don't know what is.
madocAuthor Commented:
No Win95 or DOS machines on the island.

I have created said floopy with msdos.sys, io.sys,, drvspace.bin on it. it has some sort of NTLDR problem. I think I need a Boot.ini to sort this out....
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
There is a way;
What you need is someone with a Unix box and a DOS boot floppy, they can dd the raw dos floppy (which will include the boottrack) onto a file and email you that file.
Then you can get DD.EXE from which runs on NT to copy the file back to an NT formatted floppy overwriting the NT boottrack.
can some one not just mail you a copy of a disk cloning utitlity such as diskmaker and a disk file of dos??
madocAuthor Commented:
I have been able t locate a utility on both the freedos and Intel site that both generate a disk from within NT.

After a fair amount of searching, I am convinced that this maybe the easiest solution.
You´re right: there IS a tool to create a DOS bootdisk:

Included on the Windows compact disc is a utility named NTHQ, which will obtain all of the above information in text format. This utility is located in the



To use the NTHQ utility:
 1.      Go to the <CD=ROM drive>\Support\Hqtool directory.
 2.      Insert a floppy disk in drive A.
 3.      Run the MAKEDISK utility.
 4.      With the disk in the drive, restart the computer.

Content of floppy:
31.05.94  06:22                 40.774 IO.SYS
31.05.94  06:22                 38.138 MSDOS.SYS
31.05.94  06:22                 54.645 COMMAND.COM
18.07.96  17:53              1.061.117 ZIPFILE.EXE
23.02.96  13:53         <DIR>          DOS
09.04.96  15:53                     94 CONFIG.SYS
23.02.96  14:55                  1.437 SETRAMD.BAT
19.04.96  09:05                    813 Autoexec.bat
               6 Datei(en)      1.118.106 Bytes
                                 71.168 Bytes frei

You may want to edit the autoexec.bat before...

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madocAuthor Commented:
That's it !!!.


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