Similar banner coding in different pages

I have some HTML coding to display banners from banner exchanges sites.  Since I want to put them in several pages, is there any sub page features in HTML ?  That means I can put these banner coding in a 'subpage', then refer to this by other pages (not using framed). When I update the 'subpage', then it will be effective for other pages referring to it.

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KshandrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could do this via javascript...

Create your "subpage" in a javascript
file, using the javascript to "print"
the HTML to the output stream in a function. Then "include" the javascript using a <SCRIPT SRC="xxx.js"> script tag, and call the function somewhere on the page...

Complex, but it works...
duncanwongAuthor Commented:
Could you please give me some example coding to :
1. javascript function to print HTML
2. how to call he function in HTML
Please HELP
Okay - Javascript to print HTML:

function write_stuff()
  document.write("<H1>This is HTML written from Javascript...</H1>");

Then calling the function in HTML:

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