How to create an Appbar Application?

Hi All,

How would I go about constructing a program(by using the MFC Wizard) that would attach its self to the side of the  screen.  It would have to have an always on top option and it would have to resize the rect of the  screen like the TaskBar does.  A good example for doing this is the software ICQ.

I have downloaded the sample from microsoft called Appbar.exe. This example demonstrates how to create an application desktop toolbar by using win32 programming skill.

Sorry..because I don't have much experience in win32 programming.

Thus I want to know can I create an application desktop toolbar by using the MFC Wizward?

Thanks for your opinion!!!
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chensuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Application Desktop Toolbar (Appbar)

By the way, being an MFC programmer, you should get used to Win32 API programming.
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