Excel and VBA

I need help with excel spreadsheet
there are 2 worksheets in a excel file. The first has a section with an Account number
and then a corresponding Account name.
In the second sheet in need to be able to do the following.
If the user types in the acount number in column a, then automatically populate column 2 with the
Account name from the first sheet.



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dhwanilshahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This should help u out :
1. Create your account master sheet : for eg :
      A            B
1      1            Abc
2      2            Def
3      3            Ghi
2. Now select all these data cells and then create a name for them : select the cells , click on Insert menu, select Name submenu, click on Define, in the resulting dialogbox enter a name for these cells for eg : accountmasterdata , then click on Add.
3. create your other data sheet
4. now, select two colums, one where you want to enter the account no. and the other colum where you want to retrive and show the account name : for eg. i have selected colum B as the colum for entry of account number and colum C as the colum where I will display the account name
5. In colum C row 2, enter this formula : =LOOKUP(B2,accountmasterdata)
6. now copy the cell C2 to all the other cells in colum C
7. now enter a value in a cell in colum B and see how the contents of the cell C change according to the value entered in colum B.
CraigLazarAuthor Commented:
Thanx mate that was perfect. If you would not mind also having a look at another question that i have posted in this lounge today for excel


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