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I have a friend with a problem. He kept getting a illegal operation error while using his ISP. He called them and told them about his problem and they got him to change his video settings. When he did it locked up his computer. He had to shut it down. Now when he brings it up and it finishes running scandisk the screen goes blank. He says that he still hears it reading from the hard drive but theres nothing on the screen. He just wants to get back to where he was before he got "help" from his ISP. I suggested getting into safe mode and resetting his video but I can't remember how to get into safe mode. Am I steering him in the right direction? I know he has an HP Pavilion but I'm not sure of the model or monitor size.
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when you restart tap the F8 key to get a start up menu.  Choose 3 and go into safe mode.  Set the display settings to true color and the screen area to 800x600
Yes, you are steering him in the right direction. You can get into safe mode by tapping the F8 key when Windows starts to load. This should load a generic video driver, then you should be able to change the setting.
Good luck.
scuzz1Author Commented:
I thought there was a way to get into safe mode. I have to tell my friend to try this and see if that will fix his problem. Obviously he can't get on line right now to use EE but as soon as he gets back on line I think he will join up.

Let you know as soon as I can.

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cremme is correct about this but I believe you will find in safe mode, no option for dislpay settings except 640X480X16.  If this is true, you will not solve the problem this way.  What would be better is this:

1)  In safe mode, got to start | run   and type:   msconfig    and hit enter
2)  click on the advanced button at the bottom right
3)  under advanced, you will see something like 640X480X16 or force 640X480X16.  Place a check next to that.  Hit OK or apply until that window is closed at which point you will be prompted to restart the system.
4)  Once restarted, you should be in normal mode and the display will be 640X480X16.  Change the display settings to a normal setting and apply but DONT restart.
5)  Go back to start | run | msconfig and hit enter
6)  click on the advanced button and remove the check from 640X480X16.  Apply or OK until prompted to restart.

Should be fine now.

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That's correct 1cell.  I forgot about that.  You will have to force it then change it once in normal mode.
scuzz1Author Commented:
Thank you very much,

      He is back up and running. I showed him the comments I received on this question. He was very impressed. Especially in the response time. I can't say enough about EE.

                                                            Thanks to you all
Good to hear!!

Glad to help.
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