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Is there a site where I can find out exactly which modems are compatible with Linux (Red Hat 6.0 to be specefic.)
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This is the site for RH6.0 modem compatibility: ttp://

If you simply go to you can see other compatibility lists as well.

Just a note: ISA modems are much easier to set up than PCI because you don't have to play around with resource allocation.
Yes, but beware Winmodems.  Many ISA modems are also winmodems and will not work in Linux.  Visit the following link to reference your modem.  Do a Find under the edit menu on your browser to look for the brand name.

Best thing to do is buy an external modem and it should work fine. I just bought an external modem after buying 3 modem a PCI modem, ISA modem and another PCI, on the box it even said that linux was supported but I had no luck, if you aren't sure what modem to buy, buy an external one ......
DO NOT BUY WINMODEMS.these are similar to regular modems but some parts are reduced to cut costs hence their performance mainly relies on the drivers which are mostly windows specific.Go for an external; modem and better still go for a plug and play modem.these modems work perfectly with linux.
i just bought one and it works fine

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80 % of Plug and Play modems are winmodems and DO NOT work in Linux as has been stated by EVERYONE here.  PCI modem support is still partially experimental in the development kernels.  External modems are the way to go.  However, the question was about a resource, not advice.  
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