.eps files emailed from mac to pc

And I canNOT open them.  Photoshop will get info (or so it says) about the image, but is unable to read them.

Netscape identifies the files as "Macintosh BinHex Archive (application/mac-binhex40)"
Do I need to convert these in some way?  Haven't been able to find a thing on this.  

I don't care how I use them - some kind of binhex conversion, convert to a different file type, whatever, just need these things.

Thanks in advance.
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You need to unbinhex them. Theyre encoded. Like .zip for pc. Its just a matter of decoding them. I dont know what utilities there are for PC to unbinhex but i would assume that if you know its binhex that should be easy enough to find a way to decode it.
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