Moving many files from NT Server to W95 Client.

I want to move many files with an identical extension (*.bak) from an NT server to the c: drive of my Windows 95
Workstation, preserving the directory structure on the NT server in which the .bak files are saved. This does not seem possible using Windows Explorer. The DOS Move command would seem ideal but it does not support the /s switch for sub-directories. All I can think of is using XCOPY *.bak C: /s and then deleting them from the server but there are thousands. Surely there is an easier way?
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You should be able to select all files and directories you want to move, right-click/drag them to their new location and select "Move" from the dropdown menu.  If you have tried this and it doesn't work, you may have a problem with Explorer.

do a search for *.bat on your nt machine and then copy all files found in the search to the c drive of oyur windows machine.
cmarks55's suggestion won't work -- copying from the find dialogue removes any path information.  But I don't see why you couldn't just use xcopy to copy the files then use the find dialogue to find all of the files and then delete them (Edit>Select All, >File>Delete).  It might take a little time, but it wouldn't be hands-on time and surely anything is faster than trying to find some obscure workaround....

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What about the reverse?  Copy the whole cdrive from one computer to the other, then delete through a find all files that are *not* what you want.  So do a specialized find to find anything that is not *.bat and delete whatever is found.  Only search within the folder you create on the win95 machine where you copy the NT contents to.  Also be sure not to delete any directories that appear in the search that your bat files reside in.  Whatever way you go on this, you're going to spend some time doing it.  There is no *easy* method.
There is a great utility called ztree which you can download from

It is a 32 bit emulation of the old Xtree Gold DOS utility.

You can do what you require plus heaps more!!
IWONDERAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all who responded. I tried Scotsmen's suggestion succesfully so he gets the points.  I remember X-Tree Gold and it was a brilliant program but then I still like DOS with all it's quirks!  
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