Corel Linux/Win98 Dual Boot

I bought Corel's version of Linux today. My dad want's me to leave Windows 98 on the system. I'm going to have Win98 on one hd and Linux on a different one. The linux drive is a 13Gb which will be partitioned into 4x 3.25 GB partitions, 3 of which will be for windows.(still not too sure about that yet) If you could give me a run-down of how to setup the Dual Boot configuration for Win 98/Corel Linux that would be great.
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I have a 13G hard drive with Windows 98 and 3 linux versions on it.  I share my second 20G drive between all systems.  For your setup, I recommend the following so you don't waste your disk space and get the most efficient use of your system.
4G          Windows98 (FAT32)
3G          Linux Native (ext2)
130Mb       Linux Swap
6G (approx) FAT32 (windows98)
1.  With Windows already on your system, it may already occupy the whole hard drive.  If it does, you will want to use Partition Magic to resize the first partition (Win98) to 4G.  If you have enough free space on your drive, you can skip this step.
2.  If you have partition magic, you can also make the Linux partitions and the last FAT32 partition in advance of the Linux install.
3.  If you don't have PM, you should be able to use fdisk during the Linux install process to set up the rest of your partitions.  You will at least need to set up the Linux Swap and Native partitions to do the install.  You can set the Fat32 partition up later from Linux.

I think this will work OK for you with this type of setup.  I had, however began a setup with Corel on my system, and it did not see all my partitions.  I quit when I saw their license agreement (aaarg).  It should see your partitions since you don't have so many.  Also I had 4 other Linux versions for free so I dodn't need it.

Once you get Linux installed, I can tell you how to set your system up to mount the FAT32 partition, and your first Windows98 partition if you want.
learn Lilo boot
1. Install by boot disk
3.  try fdisk or fruid make 2 partitions
use your second hd the this task

4. at the end of your linux installation linux will ask you to set Lilo boot:  say "yes, write lilo to your primary hard drive"
5.  after everything is done,
at boot prompt you will see lilo press tab key and type in your choice of system.  "dos" for load windows, "linux" for load linux

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KouloufakosAuthor Commented:
is there any way to have it actually say what os you want to use? what if i wanted to add another os eg NT? thanks, but it was kind of vague.
actually "dos" is just a name in general, it's also means Windows 98 or NT also. And if you already install Linux and want to add NT, you can go to linuxconf, under lifo to set it
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