I need a DVD Decoder Board!

Okay, I asked a question and received a a good answer about what I will need in order to play DVD movies on my PC.  Now, I looked up the cost for the RealMagic Hollywood+ decoder board and the cost was $70 at the cheapest place I could find.  No computer store or retailer in my city even carries the boards so I am relying on the internet it looks like.  Could someone please help me by giving me a more generic card or one that costs less and where I can buy it?
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Glad to help.....
How much money do you want to expend??

There is many cards, but what price do you want to pay?
You might want to check out WinDVD from http://www.intervideo.com.  It's a software only MPEG player and works quite well on most Pentium II (and above) class systems.  The nice thing is you can download an eval copy to see how well it works before you pay the money.  And it's only $30 if it works for you.  I use it on my PII/400 system and it's great.

I think your $70 price on the hardware decoder is about as good as you'll find.  In fact, I did a quick search and didn't find any below $75.00.

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here is a great site for finding the best prices on anything


barnett76Author Commented:
I want to spend as little as possible!  Below the $70 mark for sure.
Is there a reason why you ignore my comment?
barnett: You wont get below $70. The HollyWood+ is justabout the only affordable board out there. In fact, it is just about the only chipset out there, moste manufacturers use the H+ chip on their boards.
barnett76Author Commented:
I apologize for not responding to your comment.  (My CPU Network went Haywire and I had to reboot my OS)  I believe that your answer is the best one so if you will lock in on the question I will give you the points.  I read another question where someone was explaining the technology of DVD and it turns out that I will not need a DVD card.  You saved me a bunch of money.
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