String Manupulation.

i have a variable #first_name# , which sometimes have content like "John F." and also "John". I need to extract First name and middle initial into different variables. How do I do that? Also I need to know how to manupulate CFSWITCH statement.  I need to assign codes for US states (AL->01, AR->02,CA->23,etc...)

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Nathan Stanford SrSenior ProgrammerCommented:

Variable First Name

      <title>Sample on How to get First Name and Middle Initial</title>
<body bgcolor="ffffff">

<cfset First_Name = "Nathan A">
<cfset First_Name1 = "Nathan">

<CFSET FirstName = #GetToken("#first_name#", 1," ")#>
<CFSET MI = #GetToken("#first_name#", 2," ")#>
<CFSET FirstName1 = #GetToken("#first_name1#", 1," ")#>
<CFSET MI1 = #GetToken("#first_name1#", 2," ")#>
<cfoutput>#FirstName# #MI#</cfoutput><br>
<cfoutput>#FirstName1# #M1I#</cfoutput>


<cfswitch expression="#STATE#">

      <cfcase value="01">
      <cfcase value="02">
      <cfcase value="23">


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Nathan Stanford SrSenior ProgrammerCommented:
Copy the small file for figuring out how to do the first_name and save in as a file then browse it and it will show you that it works.

on cfswitch the code for each state goes in place of the two-digit name.
anushaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Nathans :-)

Nathan Stanford SrSenior ProgrammerCommented:
Your Welcome isn't ColdFusion Awesome.

I love it.

I work in the DFW Area in case someone is hiring.
anushaAuthor Commented:

since cfswitch does not work inside cfoutput tags , how would I do cfswitch in the middle of query?
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