Tags in Netscape composer?

I have seen what I would call "strange vertical lines" that appear in between parts of the text of a tag when viewed with Composer. These lines are not apparent when viewing the code in notepad.
Why do these lines appear in composer's tags properties?

eg:  (here they appear as squares?) I just copied and pasted.

<script language="Javascript">
function go79386221(form)
   var tU = new Array();
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LubyAuthor Commented:
Oops! They DID appear as squares when I was composing the message. Now they are invisable. What's happening here?
These squares are actually <cr>.  They are harmless and are more of a nuesance than anything else.

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LubyAuthor Commented:
I see what you mean now. Very convoluted way to place tages in Composer.
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