Very Strange Problems!!

  For a couple of weeks now, i've been experiencing verrry strange problems with my computer. I don't know if I'm in the right topic or not, cause it *may* be a virus or something causing it, but here's what's happenning:

(1) Whwn I hit any of the arrow keys, the Caps Lock and Scroll Lock come on, a '~1' gets displayed, and the System Properties window with the General, Device Manager, Hardware Profiles, and Performance tabs comes up! Very strange!
(2)When I hit the DEL key, a 'Save As' Dialog Box pops up!
(3) If I hit the DEL key while in Windows Explorer (like when I want to delete a file), up pops a 'Go To Folder' dialog box!
(4) When I'm surfing the net, my browser is constantly showing "Cleaning xxx files from cache", where xxx is a number fluctuaing from 340 to 360. Weird!

Can anyone help!!

  Shawn Halfpenny
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1cellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1)  empty all history files from your browser
2)  right click on the C: drive and select properties
    -- click on the "disk cleanup" button
    -- after that, click on the "tools" tab and select defragment now"
3)  after that, restart in MS-DOS
4)  at the DOS prompt, type scanreg /fix and let it complete
5)  restart to windows

as for the keyboard, it sounds like it might have a short or some dust inside causing problems.  Turn it upside down and burp it like a baby.  Be careful.  Don't pund it.
Try swapping a different keyboard. Sounds like yours is shot.
aztecAuthor Commented:
You were right guys...keyboard was shot. I tried a different keyboard and it worked fine!

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