SQL Error

SQL error -514 is being returned in a program. Definition says the cursor is not prepared. Please explain the meaning of this and what I need to look for to fix it.
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What environment are you using, and do you have a sample of your source code, or at least the SQL statements?
penericAuthor Commented:
sql is being used in cobol/mvs enviroment. return code is generated in a call statement.
I'm assuming you are using DB2. It's been a while so if my suggestion doesn't help, let me know and I'll look into it in more detail.

Before you open a cursor, you need to define it so it knows what parameters are being passed and what the result set returned will look like. So before you open a cursor, you need to prepare it. Look at where you are getting the open cursor. There should be a name that refers to a cursor definition and there should be a prepare somewhere in the program for that as well.

Verify there is a prepare statement, that it's being executed.

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DB2/400 Implementation (which should be similar to DB" on MVS) requires that you issue the following in the correct sequence. (You might also want to use some whenever clauses as well)

'Declare C1 Cursor for Select * from MYtable ... (etc etc)

Open C1...

Fetch C1.....

etc etc
penericAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the information. I am trying to run down the declaration. It sounds like this will be the answer to my problem
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