Starting a Visual Basic password protection project...

Hi, I'm starting a password protection project on Visual Basic that will allow users to access certain server files depending of their login/password combo.  I was just wondering if any of you out there ever did such a thing and if so could u please show me some urls where I could find valuable information about that kind of programming.  Also any information about SSL could be useful.

Thanks for your time
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3rsrichardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why are you doing this?

The LAN password mechanisms are much more robust, centrally administered and don't require any coding on your part. If the user authenticates to the LAN then the LAN will grant them access appropriate for their account. If the LAN gives them access to a specific directory then they have access - no second guessing by the software is required.


I have tried it using a access database which contains the login information and upon launching the application, I would have a login screen.

However, if you looking for a very robust and secure password protection, I don't think this is the solution you would want as the password database is only protected by the database password.

Hope this helps

Nicolas_St_AmourAuthor Commented:
Actually, I'm gonna have to create an encrypted SQL database (is it tough? I have no idea...) for the server part of the program and then a client part that'll take as input the user and pass given by any user.  So I'm trying to gather some info about SSL and maybe even SQL encryption, if anyone could help, it would be appreciated (I'm a bit in the dark here)
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