Removing from a list

I have a field which has as keywords a column from a database. Is there an easy way to not display one particular entry in that column in the keyword choices?
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sk5tConnect With a Mentor Commented:
@Dbcolumn returns a list, like any other, to your keyword choices.  Simply slice and dice it that way -- although you'll have to provide more details if you need help on the particular implementation.

Try something like this in your computed keyword area:

@Trim ( @Replace ( @Dbcolumn(...); "remove this string value"; NULL) ) );

Or, if you want to remove the last value in particular, maybe:

temp := @DbColumn(...);
keep := @Elements(temp) - 1;
@Subset ( temp; keep);

Notes doesn't mind if you spice up the keyword formula with multiple statements.  This simple example works just fine:

one := "1";
two := "2";
one : two
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