Disk Defragmenter DEFRAG004 Error

I am trying to defrag my C:\ drive and Disk Defragmenter tells me there are errors on my drive etc with code DEFRAG004 (which I cant find on Microsofts site).
I have run a thorough scandisk in both Windows and DOS mode with automatically fix errors and there are no errors. No apps are running, but the scandisk keeps restarting a lot (nothing loading in Registry RUN key or in Startup program group)
I have WIn98SE, Celeron 433, 160MB RAM, Intel i740 display, Vibra128 Creative Sound, Miro DC50 video card, Realtek network card. C:\ drive is 6GB UDMA 2, D: drive is 9GB UDMA 2, both formated as FAT32, Direct X 7 installed.
How can I solve the defragmentation issue?
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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
pr0fess0r, defrag004 is related to Free spaces calculation wrongly by the defragmentation program when a system is in Fat32.  

There are several reasons in causing the free spaces calculated wrongly.

To workaround, suggest to take several prepartory steps prior the defragmentation.
(1) Clean up all your temp files including the *.tmp in the C:\windows\temp and in the C:\window\Temporary Internet files.  
      Go to the above-mentioned directories and delete the files within the folders.

(2) Go to the command mode, do "scandisk /all /Autofix" without the quotation mark.  
     This will amend your free space record and fix all those crosslinked files. This is very common in FAT32 win98.

3)  Disable the screen-saver and/or any suspend mode in power management (turn the power scheme "always on" at the control panal-power management properties).

4)  Excessive disk activity by other programs can interfere with defragmentation, and may cause Disk Defragmenter to restart frequently and take an inordinate amount of time to complete. If this happens, close all programs while Disk Defragmenter is running.  eg. (antivirus protection programs - Norton, Mcafee, pc-cillin), turn off firewall type program (@guard 3.2), turn off the WindowsUpdate notification.  
>> Then carry out defragmentation in win98 normal mode as usual proper procedure....

>> Or,  do the defrag in the command mode by following command in the C: prompt.
C:\WINDOWS>Defrag /U      

      The swtich /U is "Defragment files only".

See if any improvement.    

Try again and let me know!     pslh

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
We just had this same error message and fix, but will await the outcome of your situation; pending the recommended fix by this other person.

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
By the way, Pr0fess0r; (assuming you're still unresolved trying prior recommendations - to not cirumvent valid processes)

any other error messages or strange results?

What language/environment?

What changed since your last successful Defrag?

Prior to invoking the process, what else is running (alt+ctrl+del)?

pr0fess0rAuthor Commented:
Actually nothing was running, it was a fresh install of win98se.
None of the methods here worked unfortunately, so I used Norton 2000s zdisk zdefragmentation tool, which didnt have a problem with the hard drive. Have yet to try Win98 defrag now nortons has done it.
thanks for the help guys
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