Arrow icon in Folder List ?

What does the upward facing arrow on the small page icons in the folder list signify. As opposed to the icon that just looks like a text document. The arrow icon looks similar to the Frontpage 2000 .exe icon.
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zs6phdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This was a tricky one!  The difference lies in whether the page was originally created by FP or not: If it did, then the <Head> section will contain <meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 4.0">, and this causes FP to employ the arrow pointing to upper left in a square block.  If not, then not!

This gets even more devious: If I create a new page in FP 2000, then it adds yet another line: <meta name="ProgId" content="FrontPage.Editor.Document">
 and this also causes FP to employ the arrow in a square block.

You can test all of this by adding or deleting the relevant code in the html view.

The icons used inside FP are different to those used by Windows.
- The arrow pointing to North-West in a square block is in fact on top of a simple document icon.  It is used for .htm, .shtml, .shtm, .stm,  and the old .htx pages, and possibly some others. (Only where the page was created using FP as above)
- Note that when the file is opened in the editor the icon changes to a smaller arrow now within a circle, with something that looks like a pen at the side? This applies whether or not FP recognises it as one of its 'own' pages.
- A Word file is shown with a 'W' in a square block.  This does not appear to change when the document is opened in Word.
- An Excel file is shown with a 'X' in a square block.
- Similarly, an .mdb file shows the Access key symbol.
- An .asp file shows as a document with what is probably a small yellow gear wheel to indicate that it works behind the scenes!
- GIF and JPG pictures are shown as a small head in profile against an aquamarine background.
- Unrecognised documents, .txt files etc are shown as blank page symbols.

DavidNPDAuthor Commented:
Thanks where did you get this info, or did you just figure it out on your own?
Detective work!  I got it mostly by experimenting with a site which I built and maintain.
Thanks for the question - It taught me a couple of things I didn't know!
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