Multiple gateways / Network load balancing

I have 2 dsl routers (hence 2 separate IPs) connected to 1 Linux box.  Right now, I have only one of the routers assigned as a gateway.  So I can only use the bandwidth of 1 of them to transmit data.  How can I set Linux up so that both can act as gateways (and also accurately channel traffic ie. requests coming from 1 router/IP will reply correctly from the same router/IP).  And can I use both of the routers to balance the load of outgoing requests from my server?

I am running Redhat 6.0.

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I don't think you will be successful in getting the two DSL lines to balance your load, But...... If you had a substantial number of PCs on an inside private network, you could split them into two subnets set up Linux to route/masquerade each subnet via a different DSL line.
Load balancing across two or more DSL's can be done, but not with Linux. You'd have to have a real router that can run a more sophisticated routing protocol such as OSPF (up to four paths) or BGP (lots of paths).  In your case the routing protocol should probably be configured for per-destination-routing to preserve packet order.

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