explorer.exe causes invalid page fault

I have compaq pres 4712 56meg 200mhz (oerclock from 166mhz)
win95 was preinstalled when I upgrade to win98 computer keeps
crashing till I have to fdisk and run quick restore to get back running
The invalid page fault happen right after install of win98 I called
support which I pat for though SEARS and they told me I can't
upgrade my computer!!! I canceled their support.I have quick restored this computer about 50 times! Everytime I seem to get
the hard drive half full it starts crashing and their answer is always do a quick restore Allmy dianostics say there's nothibg broke? I guess this is two questions in one but you only have to answer if I can install win 98 safely if it can be answered with this little info??
                                                                        THANKS,Vin G
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I wouldn't use the restore.  I would create a boot disk and just install win98 by itself.  You will have to go through the restore disk and hand pick all of the drivers of it, it's not fun but you will have a more stable system in the long run.
Vig, unfortunately you are in a bind for two reasons. The first is obvious, in that you're overclocking the machine and a Compaq no less. The Compaq motherboard has a sensor built in that detects CPU overspeed and it gets its speed settings drirectly from the CPU. The second issue is the Bios. Although I would have agreed with cremme normally, after having spent some time with Compaq officials before Christmas regarding their takeover of Digital Equipment, we learned that early machines that cam equipped with Win95 cannot be upgrade to Win98 because of a incompatibility between Win98 and the older Bios. And before you ask, no the bios cannot be upgrade to a compatible one.

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vig12Author Commented:
thanks a lot that's what I thought the problems were there before I overclocked it I know I got ripped off with a very badly designed
product and compaq didn't have the honesty to own up to it!
The sad thing is I owe 2200$ still!                    Thanks,Vin G
Believe me, I know how you feel and you're certainly not alone. Radio Shack retailers just announced that they will no longer sell or support Compaq.
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