I encountered error message below when i trying to press the F9 and run the program.

[Fatal Error]SReport.dpr(60): Unit dxBarCustForm was compiled with a different version of ComCtrls.TOwnerDrawState

I have read the Help File but don't understand what causing this error.

My scenario is when i copy my source from one pc to another pc. Source PC is running delphi4 professional edition, and target pc is running delphi4 Enterprise edition client-server suite. Does this cause problem? What should i do ? How to solve this error?

Please Help!


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Hmmm... Have you tried rebuilding the whole project? (Alt-p-p, if I remember right).
What is this dxBarCustForm? Is this a 3rd party component? Do you have a pas file for that? Or only a dcu?
Perhaps you have installed different service packs on both Delphi installations?

Regards, Madshi.
straight from the help file:


This error occurs when the declaration of symbol declared in the interface part of a unit has changed, and the compiler cannot recompile a unit that relies on this declaration because the source is not available to it.  There are several possible solutions - recompile Unit1 (assuming you have the source code available), use an older version of Unit2 or change Unit2, or get a new version of Unit1 from whoever has the source code to it.
standard, professional or enterprise they have difirent version number thus, any .pas file compiled under one of them, it need to recompile again. if you have the source of the VCL, then you can recompil it under the other (remember to delete the DCU, because delphi if found the dcu, will not recompile unless you ask to build all the projects).

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First delete all your DCUs as
kifah already said. If this dont helps, set the delphi vcl source paths (delphi/source/vcl...) in environement, options and 'build all'. perhaps delphi has to rebuild one of its own DCUs.
softyanAuthor Commented:
Though your answer may not suite me, but it sounds ok!
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