How to mount a new Secondary Master FAT16 hard disk?

I have a hard disk which is in FAT16 and it contains an Win95 OS. Now I have just attached the FAT 16 hard disk to my PC(which already have a linux OS) as secondary master.
And now I want to format it as ext 2 format but I can't.
I have typed:
"mount -t ext2 /dev/hdb1 /mnt/drive2"
and it results:
"mount: block device /dev/hdb1 is write protected, mounting read-only"
"hdb1: tray open or device not ready"
"hdb1: tray open or device not ready"
"mount: mount point /mnt/drive2 not exist"

Then what's the problems?
And what should I do now?
Pls help!!!
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j2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Secondary master is hdc, hdb is primary slave. Seems hdb is your CD.

to WIPE ALL DATA on hdc you need to first recreate the partitions

fdisk /dev/hdc

use 'd' to delete all parttiions on it.

use 'n' to add a new partition (create a primary)

use 't' to change the type to '83' (linux native)

use 'w' to write the new info (thisis the point of no return)

then use mke2fs /dev/hdc1 -m 1

then you have a linux partition, which you can mount and use.

to mout it at /mnt/drive2 you first have to do

mkdir /mnt/drive2

THEN you can

mount /dev/hdc1 /mnt/drive2 -t ext2

.and just so yo udont blame me for wiping the wring device.

hda - pri. master
hdb - pri. slave
hdc - sec. master
hdd - sec. slave
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