Question of a Newbie of Perl and CGI

Hi, there,
I am a newbie in Perl and CGI using Perl.
Could you let me know some good guides (the best is tutorials I think)?
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Look at for more information about perl (module, document)

To write cgi in perl please I suggest you to use you can read here.
speedupAuthor Commented:
I think it's not enough.
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speedupAuthor Commented:
I've found a site which has a good tutorial but has only the first 7 chapters in details.
could you tell me more about treatures like that?

Well if you've got paper sources in mind instead, try out O'Reilly's Learning Perl which is a great source for getting started. They also publish Programming Perl which I haven't read, but I hear that it is more meant as a reference once you know Perl, rather than a resource to get started with.

Top of the list:
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, has absolutely every possible module you could ever want... looks a bit primitive, so bear with it... it is #1 on the net for resources.  (Could be a little advanced for the beginner...but bear it in mind)

For more beginner guides:

Lots of perl reference topics:

Apache web server + perl:

Perl FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Hope this is useful,  you question is not very specific....


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