Cannot delete a hard drive partition

I want to delete a primary partition. I have 3 primaries and 1 extended. The first primary has NT 4.0, the second Win98, third has an unbootable Linux which I want to delete. The extended is used for apps and data. I have System Commander Deluxe and Partition Magic 4. SysComm and PM4 could not view the partitions at all. Thus, could not delete the unwanted partition that way. I used good ol' fdisk, but it sees the Linux partition as an "extended" instead of primary. Using the "Delete extended partition" option would only delete the real extended partition with apps and data - which I don't want to do. can I delete the 3rd primary partition? Please help.
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I've run into similar problems, especially with Fdisk when I've got NTFS partitions, Fat16 and Fat32 partitions on the same disk.

But there is a partition utility called PART which has always solved my problems, being easier to use and a lot more powerful than any other partition software I have ever used.

When Fdisk was giving me answers like:

"Cannot delete extended partition when logical drives exists" and then "No logical drives defined" when I tried to remove those logical drives, PART just
removed it, without any trouble.

Therefore, my answer is: try PART if you haven't already.

If you can't find it, I could e-mail it to you on Monday, or Tuesday, since I've got it at work.

Let me know ....


Deletes any partition you throw at it. NOTE!: it will NOT ask you to confirm, it will just delete, so read the infoscreen CAREFULLY.

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