More than 4 EIDE devices

I have six eide devices which I would like to connect to my PC as follows.

2 Hard Drives
1 CD
1 CD Recorder
1 Zip100 drive
1 LS-120 Superdisk

The LS-120 Superdisk replaces the normal a: drive, but requires an EIDE connection.

I would like to be able to access all of these devices without having to open my PC and disconnent/reconnect devices.

Is there a card that I can buy, or any other way of increasing the number of EIDE devices that I can attach?
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Promise Technologies offers a pci card.  Utltra 66 is what I would recommend.
Have you though about going SCSI?
leedurrantAuthor Commented:
Thanks cremme

The ultra 66 looks like what I need. Just need to find where to buy one in the UK.

Post an answer and I'll accept it.


I have a SCSI host but, as stated, I already have the devices and just want to connect them, not change them.
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Try this

Promise Technologies offers a pci card.  Utltra 66 is what I would recommend.

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My name is MudSystems EngineerCommented:
2 Hard Drives        IDE 2
1 CD                 IDE 1
1 CD Recorder        IDE 1
1 Zip100 drive       External???
1 LS-120 Superdisk   Ain't this use the Floppy cable???
leedurrantAuthor Commented:

No, it replaces the need for a normal A drive but uses an IDE connection unfortunately.
My name is MudSystems EngineerCommented:
I think i saw that card on Office Depot [US], i didn't check the price 'cos i thought it was a replace for the IDE controler, next time i go i'm gonna check it out...
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