Storing bmp's in Access ole fields

I was copying bmp files to an ole field in an access db, and each record in the field registered each file as a 'bitmap image', if double clicked the image could be edited in MS Paint. I then installed Paint Shop Pro 5 which appeared to change all bmp files to the type  'Paint Shop Pro 5 image'. Now when bmp files are saved to an ole field the format is not recognised.

I tried deleting the file type 'Paint Shop Pro 5 image' in Windows Explorer/View Folder Options\File Types and creating a new type 'bmp' and assigning the program MS Paint to it. However when saved to the ole field  
Access determines that it is a 'Package' instead of a 'Bitmap Image', and when viewed using a control in a form the image appears only as an icon.

Any ideas how to rectify?
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BrianWrenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First, look in Explorer's View|Folder options, File Types tab, and see if you can find a reference there to .BMP other than the one you added, and for a reference to 'Paint Shop Pro...' (whatever).  If you find either, delete it.

The next action is dangerous, so be careful.

Use RegEdit, and search for the same references that you were looking for in Exlorer.  If you find a reference to .BMP that seems to be associated with Paint Shop, whether the key it's under is paint shop, or the data for the entry is associated with Paint Shop, delete it and continue to search, until you have reached the end of the registry.

Close RegEdit, and restaart your computer.

That should eradicate the references to Paint Shop.  I'm not sure if the references to PaintBrush will still exist as they did prior to the installation of Paint Shop, and so will tale over in the absence of the references to Paint Shop.  You might have to uninstall PaintBrush and reinstall it to restore those references.

You simple can save files from PSP as bmp files. For this, before save chouse in combobox "Type" "Windows bmp"(if i remember right  ).
I had a similar problem geting bitmaps into the DB. Having the bitmap open in PSP while inserting worked.
ncwAuthor Commented:
I found the problem to be too many colours. When I reduced the number of colours to 256 the Access table recognised the bmp file pasted into the ole field as a 'Paint Shop Pro 5' file and  the control on the form viewed it correctly.

I think BrianWren  gave the most comprehensive help so although I don't think the your answer solved the problem, I think you should take the points.

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