this is for otta

I gave up on fixing the board and have ordered another board it is a used ATX
board.  will it fit in a AT case? Also if I get another case/power supply how big of a power supply do I need? I noticed on Ebay some 135w power supplys, is 135w enough or should I get one with 250.  Hopefully I wont have to get one at all.I am spliting the points between You and Jason S Thanks a lot for your help.  I deleted my other question.  
   Here are your options, jcperkin  
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OttaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
which states "ATX form factor".

See the manufacturer's web-site: 

which states "ST-301HR(ATX) Power Supply Unit".
You'll probably have to buy an ATX-compatible power-supply,
to match with your ATX motherboard.

So, by "default", you'll get 200 to 250 watts.
jcperkinAuthor Commented:
Does the atx board have a different power connector on it?  I forgot to mention that the board is a Aopen AX59Pro.  Can you confirm that this board is indeed a atx.  On the aopen web site all it sez is it need a hx power supply. Thank you.

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