Procedure works under D2 but not under D5, Why ?

The following function under Delphi 2 ran another application with no problems, but since I moved to Delphi 5 it fails to compile.

function WinExec32(FileName:String; Visibility : integer):integer;
  zAppName:array[0..512] of char;
  zCurDir:array[0..255] of char;
     StartupInfo.cb := Sizeof(StartupInfo);

     StartupInfo.dwFlags := STARTF_USESHOWWINDOW;
     StartupInfo.wShowWindow := Visibility;
     if not CreateProcess(nil, zAppName, nil, nil, false,
          StartupInfo, ProcessInfo)
          Result := -1
          GetExitCodeProcess(ProcessInfo.hProcess,Result);  { This line Fails }

It fails on the line mentioned with the following error message -
'Types of actual and formal var parameters must be identical'

I cannot find what could be causing it -  Any suggestions ?
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The declaration of GetExitCodeProcess has changed. In D2 the 2nd parameter was "var integer", now it is "var cardinal". You have 2 choices now.
(1) Change the result type of your WinExec32 function to "cardinal" or
(2) Use this:
GetExitCodeProcess(ProcessInfo.hProcess, cardinal(Result));

Regards, Madshi.

P.S: In D2+3 cardinal was just a subtype of integer (something like (0..maxInt = 0..$7FFFFFFF)). In D4+5 cardinal is a real unsigned dword (0..$FFFFFFFF).

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chrisedenAuthor Commented:
Thank you, a lot more simpe then I thought.  All the help files still say that it is an integer.
If you have such kind of compiler errors, it is the best way to go with the cursor after the first bracket, then enter a "(" and delete it again. Delphi now precompiles your project and shows you the *real* parameters in a little hint window. You can rely in that, unfortunately you can't always rely on the help.
chrisedenAuthor Commented:
I forgot the hint window. There are a lot of improvements from Delphi 2 and I am only beginning to get used to Delphi 5.

Many Thanks
Well, here are the changes that were most important for me:

- wideString handling
- interfaces (and TInterfacedObject)
- dynamic arrays
- predefined parameters
- function / method overloading
- int64
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