win98 keboard driver.. how to replace?

my number pad does not work with any of 3 keyboards. warrenty tech says the keyboard driver is bad. any way to replace it without reformat/reload or reload.? i think the motherboard is bad.
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rayt333Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You asked a question and it was answered with the correct answer, it is not our fault you don't have the correct driver to replace your current driver with. If that had been part of your question then maybe someone could have given you the location for a new driver. Now you have asked lots of very low point questions (lot of zero point questions) and have gotten the correct answers but you still don't accept the answers you receive. If you want to get help then you may think about rewarding some of the people that do try to help you.
Two ways you can do this and both end the same way.
1. open device manager and double click on "keyboard" to open its properties, now go to the driver tab, and click on update driver, now install a new driver.

2. go into device manager and highlight the keyboard, click remove, then reboot and let Windoze find it and install the new drivers
clb4acesAuthor Commented:
i did both and it didnt fix,so warrenty tech says the driver is bad and to do a eformat/reload. i did the files test program and nothing came up. have you heard of a win98, ver d.
clb4acesAuthor Commented:
sorry heres 20 points;
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