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I Have the Complete Linux Operating system 6.5. I loaded it and it was working fine when i shut down the computer and then i restarted it the next morning and it is hanging on the line that says" STARTING LOCAL". I cant get past it and i was wondering if there is an easy fix or should i just load it again? Is there a way to get a system prompt once boot hanges up?
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when you come to the lilo prompt, try booting with:
  boot -single
(or use the label of your choice instead of boot=
If for some reason your initialization scripts get corrupted, one way is to totally bypass them and the whole initialization scheme.

At the LILO prompt, enter: init=/bin/sh

This will run the Linux kernel and a single command line interpreter (shell). Then you can examine what happened when "Starting Local". I suppose this has something to do with a shell script named /etc/rc.d/rc.local. Look for suspicious commands there.

You must also be aware that some subsystems, when initialized at boot time, can have long time-out periods when checking their environment. For instance, sendmail can try to reach your DNS (domain name server), and if the network is down at that moment (plugged-off cable, for instance), it'll time out after a very long time. This gives the illusion that the machine is hung. A workaround for this particular problem is to always have your own machine listed in your /etc/hosts file (not localhost, but your real name).


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jreed520Author Commented:
Thanks for all the help this info is what i was looking for .....
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